Benefits of Choosing Local Cleaning Companies Local cleaning companies are they worth it? As consumers we hear the term “Buy Local” more and more frequently. It is written in storefronts of mom and pop shops an it is on signs at local farmers markets. Now the trend of buying local has spread to services such […]

Spring time is synonymous with house cleaning, but the start of fall house cleaning can be the perfect opportunity to show your home a little love. Put down your pumpkin spice latte, roll up your sleeves and get to work on these five important fall house cleaning tasks.   Rotate Your Mattress – Mattresses should […]

Whether you clean your home yourself or have it done by a San Diego home cleaning service there is no greater feeling then walking into a perfectly clean home. Some how though that magic can fade quickly. Especially in homes with families it can take less than 48 hours for all your hard work to […]

A San Diego home cleaning service can speak to the importance of maintaining small appliances. From the ever important coffee pot, to the time saving microwave,  we rely on small kitchen appliances daily. These handy little tools save us time, money and even energy. Most of us can not imagine our life without them. Despite […]

Green cleaning services recognize the value of a clean closet. When you can’t find those pants you wanted to wear or your shoes have mysteriously gone missing it may be time to reevaluate your closet. All to often we allow our closets to slip into a less than organized state. This not only makes things […]

San Diego residential cleaning services know that when it comes to keeping your home clean timing is everything.  The frequency at which certain tasks are completed can go a long way in contributing to a well maintained home with minimal dirt and grime build up. The big question though is when should you be cleaning […]

hon·est free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere. Insured house cleaning services like Green Frog Cleaning strive to build a company culture based around five core values. The first of our core values is honesty. We have worked hard to build a team that is honest not only at work but in all areas of life. […]

When it comes to natural cleaning few things are as versatile as lemons. They have amazing natural properties that can help with everything from bleaching to degreasing. They are not only effective but they smell amazing and they are cost effective. Lemon juice is one of the best natural cleaners because of it’s antibacterial properties. […]

Maid services notice that we put our showers through a lot and they need a little extra time and attention when it comes to cleaning. Often, when cleaning the bathroom in a hurry, the shower get skipped. Cleaning a shower can feel like a painstaking chore and that is why it can become one of […]

Why San Diego Maid Services Choose Green Products    San Diego Maid Services see that in today’s busy world advertisements abound for a variety of products that are supposed to be the next best thing in cleaning. They are touted as must haves for each household and they are supposed to make cleaning faster and easier. While […]

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Friendly Walkthrough
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Perfect Cleaning
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