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Local Home Cleaning Companies Focus on the Living Room

on Oct 19, 2017

Local home cleaning companies know how important a clean living room is. The time is about to change and the sun is setting earlier. This often means we retreat to the indoors and spend more time in the living room then ever. The living room is a common space where we relax, spend time with the family, and entertain. This can make it a prime spot for dirt and clutter to accumulate. These simple steps will help you give your living room the deep cleaning it deserves.

local home cleaning companies
  • Local home cleaning companies always start from the top – It’s important to start from the top when cleaning to avoid creating more work for yourself later. Start by dusting the ceilings taking special care to get any cobwebs that may be hiding in the corners. Wipe down any fans or vents that may have accumulated dust. Using a damp rag spot clean the walls to remove any marks or stains.
  • Make use of your washing machine – if your drapes are machine washable remove them and run them through the washer, This would also be a good time to wash any blankets or throw pillows with removable shams. You can put them back as soon as the room is clean .If you have a large throw rug that is not washable take it outside and hit it to remove excess dust and pet hair that can be stuck.
  • Break out the vacuum- This is meant to be more than the quick once over with the vacuum that gets done weekly. Take your time and vacuum everything. If you have carpet use the edging tool to get in the corners. Use upholstery attachments to do a deep cleaning of couches and chairs. Remove cushions and pull the furniture away from the walls to get to the hard to reach places. This is something local home cleaning companies might do as part of a deep cleaning.
  • Watch your TV- Most people stare at their TV daily but it can still be overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Wipe the sides of the TV with a dry microfiber cloth to get rid of dust and finger prints. For the screen be sure to use specialty screen wipes that are safe for your type of TV.
  • Polish the furniture – Remove all objects before polishing to ensure you get the entire surface. Use a high quality polish to clean any wood surfaces. Be sure to check care instructions. Certain types of wood can be damaged depending on the polish you use. You can ask local home cleaning companies if they have any suggestions as far as what product to use.
  • Make your way outside- If you have a doormat take a few minutes to shake off any excess dirt. Depending on the material it is made from you could even clean it with the hose or scrub it with a heavy duty sponge. Getting rid of excess dirt will prevent dirt from being tracked into the living room in the future.



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