Cleaning Service Pillars

Green Frog House Cleaning Service Is Based On These 3 Pillars


From the first time we clean your home you will notice that our Technicians and Products operate at a very high quality standard. We are different from other house cleaning companies. Each Technician that makes it though our rigorous screening process is hired based on several core qualities. Then each Technician is trained in our intensive house cleaning services and maintenance education program. Well trained employees, not independent contractors and the best products available. Perfect quality housekeeping services, guaranteed.

On Time

Your time is valuable. An on time house cleaning service in San Diego? "Impossible", you may say. When we say we will be at your home within our arrival window, we mean it. Have you ever found yourself wondering "are there any quality house cleaning services near me?". We use industry leading scheduling software to make sure that you know when we're coming and that we show up as promised. You'll even get a reminder a few days before your cleaning service. Say goodbye to no-shows and missed appointments.


You work hard, you deserve friendly service. Nothing gives us more happiness than giving you the gift of time, and it shows! Special requests, no problem! It doesn't matter if professional cleaners have perfect quality service and products, and arrive on time, if they are grumpy while they work. We are San Diego house cleaners with a smile.

Real Simple Tips

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Professional house cleaners assemble the perfect cleaning caddy

Professional house cleaners assemble the perfect cleaning caddy

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Green Maid Services Help Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Green Maid Services Help Make Your Home Eco Friendly

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San Diego green house keepers give tips for a spotless home

San Diego green house keepers give tips for a spotless home

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Green Frog House Cleaning aims to be the highest quality house cleaning service in San Diego among residential cleaning services.

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Marina and Yasmin did a great job. I have lots of art objects and all were carefully dusted and replaced exactly correctly. I was very pleased that nothing was broken.

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- Connie C

I was very pleased with this company’s quick response to my phone call inquiry regarding cleaning my parents home at a last minutes notice. They did an excellent job, and didn’t want to leave anything or room unclean even if would take more time. I would definitely recommend them

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- Kathleen N

Natasha and Yasmin were on time and did an amazing job. They cleaned my bathroom and kitchen and were very thorough! Thank you, ladies!!

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- Christopher Glenon