Insured House Cleaning Services Value Honesty

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free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.

Insured house cleaning services like Green Frog Cleaning strive to build a company culture based around five core values. The first of our core values is honesty. We have worked hard to build a team that is honest not only at work but in all areas of life. As a business we believe honesty is key in building strong relationships with our clients and among our team. Sadly the idea of business and honesty do not always go hand and hand in our society but it is our goal to put this value in first place. How do we demonstrate honesty?

insured house cleaning services
  •  Insured house cleaning services look out for their clients- We are one of the licensed bonded and insured house cleaning services in San Diego and we run background checks on all of our employees. It is very important to us that our clients are protected, and the best way to ensure this is to have these precautions in place. While our training and cleaning system minimizes accidents, they do occur. When they do you know your covered. Even if a client chooses to use another service we always recommend to choose one that is licensed bonded and insured.
  •  We take care of our civic duties– In conjunction with our insurance all of our technicians are W-2 employees. This is very important for an insured house cleaning company. This enables us to take the time to train them correctly. We are sure to pay all required taxes to state and local authorities. As employees, our technicians gain the benefits of paying into disability and unemployment insurance. This provides them with security for their families.
  • We admit our mistakes– While we strive to provide the best cleaning in San Diego we realize that we are not perfect and we do make mistakes. In these situations we guarantee our work and we do whatever we can to ensure customer satisfaction. We do our utmost to always live up to our word in regards to what we promise our clients.

Keeping honesty as a focus in our business is top priority for Green Frog Cleaning. We believe that honesty and integrity mean doing the right thing no matter what. It is our goal to build those values within our team so we can pass the benefits along to our valued clients.