Maid Services Give Recommendations for a Spotless Shower

on Jul 27, 2017

Maid services notice that we put our showers through a lot and they need a little extra time and attention when it comes to cleaning. Often, when cleaning the bathroom in a hurry, the shower get skipped. Cleaning a shower can feel like a painstaking chore and that is why it can become one of the more neglected spots in our homes. Doing small daily and weekly tasks will make shower maintenance a breeze. When it comes to a squeaky clean shower maintenance is key.

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  • Dry your shower – This may seem like the impossible dream as the entire point of a shower is to get it wet. Keeping your shower as dry as possible after use will help in the prevention of mildew and mold. Keep a small squeegee in the shower to wipe any excess water off the walls after use. This takes about 15 seconds and will make a big difference in the cleanliness of your shower. If your bathroom has a window, crack it after your shower to reduce humidity. If it does not you can run the fan. If your shower has a curtain be sure to leave it open to avoid trapping the humidity in the shower stall. If you use maid services ask that they wipe the shower dry.
  • Take a good look at your soap – The things you use to get clean may be making your shower dirty. Some bar soaps leave behind a considerable amount of soap scum. Maid services may be able to remove it but it will take a substantial amount of scrubbing. Switching to a liquid body wash will help to cut down on residue. If you notice that your grout is changing colors it is possible that it is something in your shampoo or conditioner. Some of these products may contain dye which will stain your grout. Be on the look out for products without added color to avoid stains. Keep your bath products in a shower caddy suspended up high. When they are stored on the floor it can create and area for mold to form.
  • Weekly Maintenance– Invest in an eraser sponge. Use this tool weekly to wipe down the tiles, the floor, and even the door to help prevent hard water from forming. It is also beneficial to use a soft brush to do a light scrubbing of your grout once a week. Try to avoid using harsh chemicals on your grout as they can deteriorate some of the water repellent that is in the grout making it a prime target for mildew. Green products can work well for this particular job.
  • Bigger Tasks- It is a good idea if you have a tile shower to seal your grout one to two times a year as needed. It will help to extend the life of your shower as it keeps grout from staining.  Your shower head is another area that may need occasional help. Hard water can gather on your shower head and it will lead to a reduced flow of water. If you are unsure to how to remove hard water you can ask maid services for recommendations.



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