Why San Diego Maid Services Choose Green Products

on Jul 20, 2017

Why San Diego Maid Services Choose Green Products


San Diego Maid Services

 San Diego Maid Services see that in today’s busy world advertisements abound for a variety of products that are supposed to be the next best thing in cleaning. They are touted as must haves for each household and they are supposed to make cleaning faster and easier. While they may do the trick in some cases it is important to take a look at what is on the label. When we look more closely at the products we choose to bring into our homes it may be surprising what we find. In some cases using products with large amounts of harsh chemicals can be unhealthy for your family and the environment. At Green Frog we think Green Eco-friendly cleaning products are the best choice. Here is why

  • They Protect our Environment – Many popular cleaning products are sprays and aerosols. When we spray harsh chemicals they end up in the air and it can impact the environment. When San Diego Maid Services use Green products to help protect the environment as well as the air quality of your home. These products are often sold in recycled containers and in concentrated amounts which is another benefit over some other chemical based name brand products.
  •  They make for a healthier home – Some traditional cleaning products can have health risks due to the toxins and chemicals used to produce them. Making use of  green products for cleaning your home can reduce health issues such as eye, respiratory and skin irritations, allergies, and headaches. Green Products are especially recommended in homes with children or pets as it is much safer.
  • Higher Quality Products- Emphasis on Green cleaning has even impacted the type of tools used to clean. Some brands of vacuum cleaners, such as Miele, come equipped with HEPA filters. These quality products are often used by San Diego Maid Services. These filters are designed to  trap small particles that would normally be left behind or spread in the air. By removing these small particles the air quality in the building is  improved. Mops and cleaning cloths are also a very important part of green cleaning. Microfiber cloths are designed attract and capture dust particles by static charge. Thus eliminating residual dust in the air.

Green cleaning is an amazing option in home cleaning. More households are starting to make the switch.  Green products are just as effective as traditional cleaning tools but without the harsh chemicals. For more information on the products we love check out our products page.

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