What’s the big deal about vacuums?

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Home cleaning service vacuums

Mile home cleaning service vacuums

Whats the best home cleaning service vacuum on the market? Why not go with a cheaper version?

There is a lot of debate out there when it comes to the best vacuum to use in your home. For any home cleaning service this will be a important choice. Many people swear by Dyson or Hoover or other popular brands. So, why do we choose the vacuums we use at Green Frog?

What vacuums do we use?

Most of our home cleaning service technicians will be using Miele brand vacuums in your home. We do not get paid to promote Miele, actually they cost us quite a bit to use. The typical miele vacuum is over $600 with some models ranging up to  over $1,500.

Why Miele for home cleaning service?

Basically there’s five reasons:

  • Suction power: One of the highest for any residential vacuum. Removes more dust and dirt from your home that others
  • Allergen removal: Meile has one of the best hepa filter allergen removal systems. Less microscopic allergens released when vacuuming.
  • Quiet: Miele has a “Volume control” that allows vacuums to range in power and volume for different tasks. Even at full volume they are quieter that other vacuums. This means you won’t hear screeching vacuums when we’re in your home.
  • Light: The canister models that we use are light and easier for your technician to carry. This allows your technician to move more efficiently and cover more cleaning area quickly.
  • Long lasting: Mieles have a 10 year warranty. That’s almost double Dyson. That means your technicians vacuum wont be breaking down half way through your clean.

Can we use your vacuum?

Of course, we recommend using our high powered Miele vacuums but if you’d rather we would be happy to use yours. Just let your technician know.