Sometimes cleaning can be easier said than done. Maybe the task is difficult or maybe you just don’t know where to start. And when you have irregular surfaces throughout your home cleaning can be even more challenging. Irregular surfaces can be anything that isn’t flat and easy to wipe down. To make things a little […]

Sort through the Clutter with this easy home organization method Creativity lies not only within the books you collect but also in the way those books are organized. Although it’s great to have a lot of books, it’s not so great to have so many books that you’re tripping over them. Who wants to get […]

Professional house cleaners know that for many people when it comes to cleaning supplies more is better. They keep a variety of different products and each may serve a very specific purpose. There is a better way. Putting together a cleaning caddy with a few basic items can make your cleaning faster and easier. This […]

Green maid services know that the term “Green” is more than just a buzz word, it is a movement. Increased awareness of environmental issues as well as health concerns have motivated people to make changes in their homes to be more earth friendly. This can be a daunting task. These simple steps are a great […]

San Diego green house keepers know we all have that one friend, the one whose house is spotless anytime you pay a visit. Everything is put away and there is not a speck of dust in site. The question is how do they do it? Our hectic lives can sometimes get in the way of […]

Pillows help you sleep at night and they add decorative flare to your bedroom but you may be neglecting these household staples when it comes to green cleaning. Even if you wash your bedding and pillow cases frequently you still need to take the time to show your pillow a little love. Studies show that […]

Professional residential cleaners are no stranger to the stress and anxiety that many people feel when they have company come to visit. The stress of getting the house perfect can seem overwhelming. These simple tips will help you begin the process a week out so that you can be relaxed when friends and family arrive. […]

San Diego green cleaning is helpful when it comes to cleaning a marble shower. There is no question that marble showers are beautiful but they can be a bit of a handful when it comes to cleaning. Humidity and water in the shower can cause wear and tear on the shower over time. Knowing the […]

A local maid service recognizes that germs thrive in surprising places, despite a house appearing neat and tidy. Here are solutions to manage these common germ hotspots: 1. Electronics – We can’t live without our electronics and they are handled by the whole family. Due to their frequent use they can contain thousands of bacteria. […]

San Diego House Keepers Decode the Dishwasher Mystery San Diego house keepers know that loading the dishwasher can be a source of contention in some homes. To Rinse or not to rinse? That is the question. When it comes to loading the dishwasher many people have strong opinions on what is the correct way to […]

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