Green Maid Services Help Make Your Home Eco Friendly

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Green maid services know that the term “Green” is more than just a buzz word, it is a movement. Increased awareness of environmental issues as well as health concerns have motivated people to make changes in their homes to be more earth friendly. This can be a daunting task. These simple steps are a great place to start when it comes to going Green in your home.

green maid services
  1. Change the way you do laundry – .You may be attached to the idea of washing your clothes in warm water but using cold water is the best option. Up to 90% of the cost of laundry comes from heating the water. The California Energy Comission suggests using hot water only for very dirty clothes. Try to only do full loads to cut down on water use. This may mean doing laundry less frequently during the week.
  2. Get rid of the plastic – Green maid services always make the effort to recycle plastic water bottles but it is best to get rid of them all together. Invest in a reusable water bottle to cut down on waste.
  3. Cut back on paper towels- For some paper towels are a favorite kitchen tool. Green maid services try to keep their use to a minimum. Cutting back on paper towels can help conserve resources and it can also save you money. Try to keep a good stock of dish towels on hand to help you become less reliant on paper towles. Old t-shirts can be cut up and used as rags for cleaning up spills. 
  4. Clean up your air – Purifying the air in your home can make a big difference particularly for people who have allergies. If you would prefer not to invest in an air purifier there are other options. House plants not only look great but they can help improve air quality in your home.