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San Diego cleaning services help to speed clean the bathroom

on Apr 13, 2017

San Diego cleaning services help get your bathroom guest ready

San Diego cleaning services know we have all had the experience. A friend or family member says they are stopping by and the bathroom is in a less than tidy state. There is not always time to set up a professional cleaning service. These simple steps will get your bathroom spic and span in just five minutes. So grab your rags and get ready to do some speed cleaning.

san diego cleaning services
  1. In the first minute you can use this little trick and drop two Alka-seltzer tablets in the toilet.  The bubbles may not get it perfect but they will work there magic for a light cleaning. San Diego cleaning services usually use a different method. Throw any dirty towels out of the room and put away any odds and ends that do not belong on the counter top.
  2. Minute two is where you get into a little more detail work. Dampen a microfiber cloth and use it to remove any cobwebs as well as wipe down molding and baseboards to remove grime that has gathered in the corners. This should not be to much work if you have been using a maid service. Use a disinfecting wipe to get things like the door handles and light switches.
  3. Now it is minute three and it’s time to tackle the sink and vanity area. Spray some glass cleaner on the mirrors and give them a quick wipe down there is no need to scrub because they do not need to be perfect. Use a wipe to remove any stuck on toothpaste or residue from the sink and counter top. After that you can take a damp rag and wipe down the faucet and the wall behind the sink.
  4. In minute four you can move on the the toilet. You may want to use several disinfecting wipes for this one. Start with the tank and make your way down to the base of the toilet. Next using your toilet brush give the bowl a quick scrub and flush.
  5. The final minute and your guests should be there shortly. Set out clean hand towels and if needed a fresh roll of toilet paper. Take another damp cloth and do a quick wipe down of the floors. Start with the corners and work your way out of the bathroom. Empty the trash can and throw any rags and used towels in the laundry room. Your San Diego cleaning services can help take care of them later. Congratulations your bathroom is ready for company!

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