5 Questions from a professional cleaning service

on Feb 23, 2017
professional cleaning service

5 questions from a professional cleaning service to see if your home is as tidy as you think

A professional cleaning service can tell you our homes are never as clean as we would like to think they are. Even after you have spent an afternoon dusting,mopping and scrubbing there can still be certain areas where grime may be hiding. These 5 questions will help you identify problem areas that may be hiding in your home.

1. Is your Fridge too full?

Storing to much in your fridge can be a bad thing. Your refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your home. Keeping to many items in your fridge can limit the airflow. This can cause food to go bad quicker and lead to more cleaning work for you in the future. When you fridge gets to out of hand you might even contact a professional cleaning service for help. The USDA Even has recommended storage limits for fridges and freezers. For helpful tips on cleaning out your fridge see our helpful guide Fridge Cleaning 101.

2. Are your cleaning supplies clean?

Even though your cleaning supplies get soapy when you use them it does not mean they are clean. For example if your mop bucket is not cleaned regularly you are spreading dirt and grime around the house every time you use it. It is important to take the time to clean your scrub brushes, broom, and cleaning cloths.

3. When you clean do you do it in the correct order?

This may seem silly but there is a right order to clean the home. A good example is vacuuming before you sweep. Sweeping prior to vacuuming can be a frustrating task that just spreads dust and germs around the home.  A professional cleaning service will tel you that it always helps to clean from the ceiling to the floor in order to prevent surfaces that have already been cleaned from becoming dirty again.

professional cleaning service

4. Does your home have a no shoe rule?

If you do not enforce a no shoe rule in your house it might be a good idea to start. A study done by the University of Arizona showed that shoes worn outside can track in harmful bacteria like E.Coli. To help your family and guests with this rule you can set out a basket of slippers by your front door so their feet stay warm while your home stays clean.

5. Do you Dust Regularly?

Dusting can be a tedious task but it is very important to the cleanliness of your home. Studies show that in just one year on average 40lbs of dust show up in the home. Even after dusting the obvious surfaces in the home there may be areas where dust is hiding and accumulating. Think of areas that are not as obvious like light fixtures, ceiling fans, and in crevices

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