San Diego green cleaning tips for marble showers

on Nov 23, 2017

San Diego green cleaning is helpful when it comes to cleaning a marble shower. There is no question that marble showers are beautiful but they can be a bit of a handful when it comes to cleaning. Humidity and water in the shower can cause wear and tear on the shower over time. Knowing the correct way to clean and maintain a marble shower will keep it looking amazing and prevent long term damage. It takes a little extra work but it is easier than you may think.

San Diego Green Cleaning
  • Beware of harsh chemicals: If possible it is a good idea to reference the care instructions for the particular type of marble used in your shower. Many distributors are able to provide this information even if the tile was installed in the past. When choosing a cleaner be sure to look for something that is pH-neutral. Cleansers that are acidic can do serious damage to the stone. San Diego green cleaning options vary when it comes to pH-neutral cleansers.
  • Use the right tools: When cleaning the bathroom we tend to use the strongest things we have access too. Coarse sponges, scarpers and hard brushes may work great for removing soap scum in other areas but when it comes to a marble shower they are not your friend. Marble is soft so it is easy to scratch it when using these tools.
  • Maintenance is crucial: Unlike some other surfaces marble needs daily attention. This should be a regular cleaning task. Hard water and soap scum can damage marble if not kept in check. It may seem a bit tedious but it is a good idea to do a quick wipe down of the shower daily to prevent build up.
  • Thorough cleaning: You can ask someone who specializes in San Diego green cleaning to help with a deeper clean.  To do a deeper cleaning on your marble shower spray the surface with a marble cleaner that fits the manufactures care instructions. It is a good idea to test the cleanser on a small portion of the shower before use. Use a damp clean towel to wipe the surface where the cleaner has been sprayed. Use distilled water to rinse the surface. Make sure that you have removed all the cleaning solution. After it has been rinsed wipe the shower with a dry microfiber cloth to remove all the water.
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