6 Irregular Surfaces in Your Home and How to Clean Them

on Apr 13, 2018

Sometimes cleaning can be easier said than done. Maybe the task is difficult or maybe you just don’t know where to start. And when you have irregular surfaces throughout your home cleaning can be even more challenging.

Irregular surfaces can be anything that isn’t flat and easy to wipe down. To make things a little bit easier on you we’ve put together a list of six irregular objects in your home and how you can clean them.


Art comes in all different shapes and sizes. There is no regular size or structure when it comes to art and decor. When cleaning these types of irregular surfaces make sure to avoid using cleaning chemicals to avoid any irreparable damage. Instead, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the element.


Houseplants can collect dust easily. Depending on the type of houseplant there are a couple of options to choose from. You can take a dry microfiber cloth and wipe down the leaves of the plant. Or you can take the plant outside and hose it off.

It’s important to clean houseplants regularly and properly so that they can do their job as plants. Houseplants are good for filtering clean air throughout the house, helping eliminate allergies, and providing oxygen. But the plant can’t do what it’s made to do unless it’s clean.


Cleaning lampshades can seem a little tricky. Because of the texture of most lampshades, it’s often hard to clean them using a standard duster.  Try using one of the attachments on your vacuum to suck off the dust. If dust still remains after that you can take a lint roller to the surface to remove the rest of it.

Shower Curtain

Shower curtains can get moldy if left unwashed. The good news is that you can just throw it in the washer with a load of towels. It is recommended that you first put it in a laundry bag before putting it into the washer but it’s not completely necessary. Wash on a gentle cycle using hot water and a mild detergent then let it air dry.


Every time you take your sheets off to wash them you should give your mattress a quick cleaning too. Cleaning your mattress will often vary depending on which type of mattress you have or if you have a maintenance service provided to you. But one thing anyone can do to their mattress is spray it with disinfectant and then using your vacuum tools to vacuum the entire surface.


Upholstery is the fabric or leather that covers your furniture. And just like your mattress, you might have a warranty or a maintenance service that was given to you when you purchased your furniture. If this is the case,  we recommend getting in contact with them to clean your upholstery.

If you don’t have a maintenance service you can still clean your upholstery by vacuuming it and using good ole soap and water. Of course this method does not apply to heavy stains or stains that have set for a long time. Those will need to be serviced by a technician. But it will help you clean small spills and light stains.

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