San Diego House Keepers Give Dishwasher Tips

on Oct 27, 2017

San Diego House Keepers Decode the Dishwasher Mystery

San Diego house keepers know that loading the dishwasher can be a source of contention in some homes. To Rinse or not to rinse? That is the question. When it comes to loading the dishwasher many people have strong opinions on what is the correct way to do it. The Truth is most people do a pretty good job of loading their dishwasher but these simple tricks can help you to make the best use of one of the most helpful tools in the kitchen.


San Diego House Keepers


1. Not everything belongs in the dishwasher. – We have all had that moment where we know something might be better to  hand wash but we throw it in the dishwasher anyway. As tempting as this may be it is something that is best to avoid. Wooden items, good knives, fragile stemware and some cookware can be damaged by the water pressure and the high heat. This may even be true of certain items that are labeled dishwasher safe. San Diego house keepers know what to avoid putting in the dishwasher.

2. Save time and skip the pre-wash – Most newer dishwashers are perfectly capable of handling some stuck on food. A quick scrape of the dishes and a light soaking of those with really caked on food will do the trick. This will save you the time of pre-washing the dishes. It will also help your wallet and the environment because you will be cutting down on water use.

3. Do some investigating – Take a couple seconds and look inside your dishwasher before you load it. Knowing where the jets are will help give you a better idea of where to place your dishes so They do not block the jets. San Diego house keepers have always noticed that this leads to a better clean.

4. When it comes to the top rack space is key– The top rack is farthest from the heating element so it is ideal for more fragile items like glassware. Try not to over fill the top rack. Place the dirtiest items towards the center. When possible place glass items next to plastic items but keep a small place between them to prevent damage.

5. On the bottom rack load by height – Keep the taller dishes on the perimeter of the dishwasher.,this will keep them from blocking water. Make sure the dirty sides of the plates are turned to face the center of the dishwasher. If you have different sizes of plates alternate them as it will allow water to flow more freely and it will get the dishes cleaner.

6. Don’t overdue it – When it comes to soap make sure to follow the directions on the packaging. Adding to much soap can leave a film on your dishes.

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