Professional house cleaners assemble the perfect cleaning caddy

on Feb 22, 2018

Professional house cleaners know that for many people when it comes to cleaning supplies more is better. They keep a variety of different products and each may serve a very specific purpose. There is a better way. Putting together a cleaning caddy with a few basic items can make your cleaning faster and easier. This list will help you assemble the perfect cleaning caddy.

professional house cleaners
  • Pick the right caddy – The purpose of using a cleaning caddy is to bring it with you into each room as you clean so you do not have to keep going back and forth to get supplies. You will find it cuts down cleaning time quite a bit. That is why professional house cleaners typically use them. You want to choose something light weight that is easy to carry especially if you live in a two story home. You also want to choose something that is easy to clean.
  • All Purpose Cleaner – A good all purpose cleaner is a must have for any well stocked cleaning caddy. All professional house cleaners have a favorite. At Green Frog Cleaning we love Citrasolve, it is all natural and is safe on most surfaces. If you prefer a different all purpose cleaner look for something that is multi surface with a scent that you enjoy.
  • Glass Cleaner – Choose a glass cleaner that works well for you. You can use it to do mirrors, or interior windows as you clean your home.
  • Powder Cleanser – You will use a powder cleanser to clean the inside of sinks, tubs, and even toilets. Some powder cleansers can be overly abrasive and scratch delicate surfaces so make sure to choose carefully. Many professional house cleaners recommend Bonami powder cleanser as a natural option
  • Rinse Cup – Keep an old plastic cup in your cleaning caddy to help rinse things like sinks and showers as you clean. You will find it is easier than trying to use the faucet or shower head to rinse.
  • Furniture Polish – You may not use furniture polish every time you clean your home but you can keep it on hand to use on an as needed basis.
  • Microfiber cloths – Before you begin cleaning put some cleaning cloths in your caddy. Make sure to give your self enough to cover all of your needs. Keep one or two of them for dry jobs such as dusting. Use the rest to do deeper cleaning tasks. Be sure to separate the ones you will be using to clean the bathrooms to avoid cross contamination.
  • Be ready to scrub – For some dirtier jobs rags may not do the trick. Keep a sponge and a toothbrush in your caddy for areas that may need a more thorough scrubbing. You may also want to keep a razor blade on hand to remove stuck on soap scum or food. Be very careful when using the razor blade so as not to damage surfaces.
  • Trash Bags– Keep a couple trash bags in your caddy so you can replace bags as you clean the home. It will help keep you from having to return to rooms you have already cleaned.


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