San Diego home cleaners give tips on effective dusting

on Mar 23, 2017

San Diego home cleaners tips on winning the war on dust

San Diego home cleaners know dust can be a nuisance. It is made up of skin particles, pet dander, and clothing particles among other things, so it is no surprise that we do not want it lingering in our homes. Despite our hatred of dust we may find getting rid of it to be a losing battle. You may take time to focus on dusting only to find that a few minutes later dust has resettled on areas that were just cleaned. This handy guide will help you learn to remove dust from your home rather than just moving it from surface to surface.

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  • Use the right dust cloth – Your husbands old T-shirt may be a cheap alternative to rags but it isn’t the most effective. San Diego home cleaners use a microfiber or electrostatic rag which will capture dust rather than moving it on to other surfaces. If you are trying to reach higher surfaces you can use a microfiber duster to trap dust. If you don’t have access to microfiber cloths you can use a damp cloth to help capture dust.
  • Daily Up keep- It may seem a little overboard but in particularly dusty seasons it is helpful to do a quick dry mop of your home every 1-2 days. This is not a substitute for wet moping but it will help prevent dust build up from being excessive.
  • Use the right vacuum– When choosing the right vacuum always make sure to look for one with a HEPA filter. San Diego home cleaners are sure to use a HEPA filter at all times.This is especially important for those with allergies, as the filter traps more catching even the tiniest particles. Using a a vacuum with a HEPA filter once a week in high traffic areas of the home will go a long way in cutting down on dust.

  • Eliminate Clutter – The more items you have in your home the more surfaces there is for dust to settle on. Putting books towards the front of shelves will give dust fewer areas to settle. Keep things like stuffed animals, bags and shoe’s that aren’t being used in plastic containers. These are prime places for dust to accumulate.
  • Keep up on maintenance- Changing the filters in air and heating units will help stop dust before it starts. Make sure your filters are the correct capacity for your system.

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