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Organizing Books with the KonMari Method

on Mar 30, 2018

Home organization

Sort through the Clutter with this easy home organization method

Creativity lies not only within the books you collect but also in the way those books are organized. Although it’s great to have a lot of books, it’s not so great to have so many books that you’re tripping over them. Who wants to get rid of their favorite books? With the KonMari home organization method, you don’t need to.

Organizing your books is one trouble-free way to keep a track of your favorite books (and not your not so favorite books). This home organizing system will help ensure that your books are placed systematically on the shelf while creating a clutter-free environment for you to inhabit. 

If you are new to the KonMari way of organizing, here is what you should know about it.

What exactly is the KonMari Method?

At a glance, the KonMari method is a unique, realistic, and simple method used to eliminate clutter once and for all. It redefines you how to store all your items of the same type in the same place. Organizing with the KonMari method has been known to bring immense joy to those who use it. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of this organizing method is its power to bring you joy while helping you achieve a clutter-free space.

One of the key principles of the KonMari method is eliminating anything that doesn’t bring you joy and happiness. In this case, we are referring to books but the method can be applied throughout your entire home. If you only surround yourself with things that bring you enjoyment, your life will be more enjoyable.

KonMari Steps for a Mess-Free Space:

1. Gather Books

Begin by collecting all of your books and placing them in the middle of the floor. Or you can use a table if you’d like depending on how many books you have. After you’ve gathered all of your books begin to separate them into categories. Categories you can separate them into include: alphabetical, genre, or numerical.  

2. Sort Books

Now onto one of the hardest parts – sorting through old/unused books. Remember how we talked about joy? Now is the time to really think about that. Looking at each book individually, ask yourself if the book is something that brings you joy or if it’s something you can part ways with.  If you can part ways with it, make a discard pile.

3. Organize Books

After you’ve gathered your books, sorted through them, and decided how you want to categorize them you can start to organize them. Place them back on the shelf into the order in which you would like to separate them as discussed in step one.

4. Discard Old Books

When it comes to discarding old books you have many options. Instead of throwing them away you can easily donate, sell, or re-gift them.

Where to sell old books:
Where to donate old books:
  • Schools
  • Local Libraries

Final Analysis

And finally after intensely evaluating your book selection and finishing with a few of your favorites you’ve successfully organized using the KonMari method. Not bad right? The method not only serves as a great home organization service, but it also serves as an idyllic tool for individuals everywhere.

In fact, studies show that individuals who employ this method take steps toward shifting their happiness, improving their health, or starting their own businesses. It can also improve overall decision-making and increase pious awareness. So why not get started with the KonMari and organize your books and your life?
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