Local cleaning companies, are they worth it?

on Oct 5, 2017


Benefits of Choosing Local Cleaning Companies

Local cleaning companies are they worth it? As consumers we hear the term “Buy Local” more and more frequently. It is written in storefronts of mom and pop shops an it is on signs at local farmers markets. Now the trend of buying local has spread to services such as house cleaning. Using local cleaning companies can do more than make you feel good for supporting your community, it can also bring other important benefits.

local cleaning companies


  1. Value– Many people feel that local cleaning companies are more expensive than national franchises. This is not always the case, in fact in most instances the prices are comparable to larger companies if not lower. Because a local cleaning service is a part of the community they typically care more about the quality of the service they provide. They place a high value on their reputation and want all of their customers to receive a high quality cleaning they are happy with. You end up paying the same price or less than a larger company but typically you end up getting a higher quality product.
  2. .Quality technicians- Most franchises start out with very fast growth. Fast growth means faster hiring. Moving to quickly can lead to rushed hiring decisions. Smaller companies have more time and resources to dedicate to finding people who will be the best fit to their cleaning service. Local cleaning companies focus on finding technicians who are honest, can provide quality cleaning, have good communication skills, and genuinely care about their clients. 
  3. Customized services– Large cleaning companies tend to have one size fits all cleaning plans and contracts. These contracts may not fit the needs of every client. Smaller locally owned cleaning companies are able to spend more time speaking with their clients to come up with a plan that will fit their specific needs. Local businesses also have fewer employees which means it is easier to develop relationships with clients. This is important because when the business has regular communication with their clients they are more aware of their preferences and are more easily able to accommodate them.
  4. Benefits the community – Studies have shown that buying from local business really does impact the community for the better. Typically funds earned by local businesses are used to support other local businesses and service providers. When small business grow they are also providing jobs to those in your community.

“Buy Local” is more than just buzz word. It is a movement that benefits not only the consumer but local communities in a positive way.

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