Germs can be found in almost every area of our homes. While this might be normal, there are high-touch areas in our homes that are covered in thousands of bacteria that can easily spread diseases or cause infections to us and our families. That is why it’s very important to disinfect our homes regularly, especially […]

Toilets, one of the most used entities in your entire home, typically have a lifespan of about 15 years. However, if you’re experiencing problems with it, you might need to replace your toilet sooner than later. Here’s how you can tell. Here are four signs that it’s time to replace your toilet: 1. It’s Running […]

Looking for easy and simple ways to keep your home safe without breaking the bank? Today we’re showing you 4 ways you can safeguard your home and keep intruders out without spending an arm and a leg. How to safeguard your home 1. Defender door lock The defender door lock is a simple and easy […]

While there’s no way to prevent exposure to germs and viruses that can cause sicknesses such as the cold or the flu, there are things you can do to fight them. From strengthening your immune system to simply washing your hands, we’re here to tell you all about it. Here are a few ways you […]

Quarantine-Friendly Organizing Tips Stuck in the house during social distancing with no idea what to do? Consider taking on the challenge of organizing your home. Today we’re sharing our top five tips for organizing your home during quarantine. Let’s get started. 1. Divide and Conquer  During this weird time in our lives, we have more […]

Not really one for a green thumb? No problem. Today we’re sharing five our of favorite low-maintenance house plants that will help you improve your home’s air quality without doing much work.  Here are five easy-care house plants that will help improve your homes air quality:  1. Peace Lily First on the list, we have […]

It’s officially the year 2020 and as tradition stands, a new year means a new routine. So since the new year is just beginning there’s no better time than the present to start the year off on the right foot. Today we’re showing you 7 things around the house you can clean to get ready […]

Wondering what you can do to make sure that you’re prepared for any and every cleaning job there is? Today we’re talking about how you can be prepared for any cleaning job at any given notice. We’re giving you all of our favorite tips and tricks to ensure you have the best experience cleaning your […]

Have you ever just decided on a momentary whim that you’re going to reorganize and turnover your closet? Then just when you have everything all out in the open you start feeling tired, anxious and overwhelmed. Or, even worse, you leave the job unfinished because you have another obligation to fill or you are to […]

Showers are without a doubt one of the toughest things to keep clean in your home. They are the workhorses of the house. Because we bathe our bodies here (and sometimes our pets too) it’s important to clean it regularly to prevent a buildup of mold and mildew. Also, cleaning your shower tub and tile on […]

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