Having a clean refrigerator means having fresher food, so it’s important to do your best to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen workhorse. Caring for the refrigerator It’s no secret that the refrigerator is one, if not the only, hardest working appliances in your kitchen. And it’s one that often takes a good beating if […]

Are you one of those people who’s always having trouble clearing off your kitchen counter? Maybe you just don’t know how to keep it clean? Or maybe you just need a little help doing it. Whether you’re looking to relieve some stress or stay more organized we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you […]

Are you struggling to figure out what that awful smell is in your kitchen? Have you checked the garbage disposal and changed the trash? Little did you know, that smell might just be coming from your kitchen sink.  Why it’s important to clean your kitchen sink Your kitchen sink is the place where you wash […]

How to clean an apartment kitchen When it comes to apartment cleaning, sometimes the hardest part can be determining where to start. Especially if you live in a house with children or other people. Things can get really tough when you live in an apartment and the kitchen isn’t as big as you would prefer […]

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