How to Clean an Apartment Kitchen Step-by-Step

on Jun 17, 2018

How to clean an apartment kitchen

When it comes to apartment cleaning, sometimes the hardest part can be determining where to start. Especially if you live in a house with children or other people. Things can get really tough when you live in an apartment and the kitchen isn’t as big as you would prefer it to be. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step guide devoted to helping you clean your apartment kitchen start to finish.

1. Clear the countertops 

The first thing you want to do when cleaning the kitchen is to clear the countertops and put away everything. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen and put it back in its rightful spot. Depending on how big your kitchen is and if you use the clean as you go method in your home, this task shouldn’t take your very long.

2. Dust

Once everything is cleared off the counter, you can begin you dusting. It’s important to do this early in your cleaning stage and from top to bottom so you don’t have to go back over your work later. So grab your duster or microfiber cloth and get to dusting!

3. Wash the dishes

Now you can start on those dishes that have been eyeing you ever since you walked into the kitchen. At this point, you can do one of two things. One you can wash them all at once. Or two you can soak them in hot water and antibacterial soap, move onto step four, and then return to them a bit later.

4. Spray the countertops

After you’ve finished with the dishes you can begin spraying the countertops to disinfect them. Remember how step one was to clear off the countertops? There was a purpose for that. Now you can jump right into sanitation spraying them and allowing them to sit for at least 3 minutes. 

5. Clean out the refrigerator 

While you’re waiting for your countertops to become sanitized you can start going through the fridge and throwing out any old or expired food. This is also the time to give it a quick wipe down since you’re in there anyway. Wipe down the shelves and compartments removing any food debris and spills.

5. Wipe off countertops 

If you haven’t spent too much time cleaning the refrigerator your countertops should still be wet and ready for you to wipe off. Grab your microfiber cloth and give them a nice wipe down before beginning your next task.

6. Clean out microwave 

Cleaning out the microwave can be an easy task, or it can be a hard task. You decided how this is going to go. One of the easiest ways to clean your microwave is to grab a small glass bowl and fill it halfway with cleaning vinegar and place it in the microwave on high for 3 to 4 minutes. Once it goes off allow it to cool down a minute or so before wiping out the microwave with your cleaning rag. Everything should wipe out smoothly and effortlessly.

7. Wipe down cabinets 

Now you can go ahead and move over to your cabinets and give them a quick wipe down if they need it. Most of the time, this is a chore for Spring Cleaning and is only necessary a couple of times per year. But you might need to periodically wipe down cabinets close to the sink or stove o remove splattered on food.

8. Empty the garbage

Go ahead and empty the trash now and add a fresh new trash bag to your can. Make sure you also wipe down the outside of your garbage can with a disinfectant. They can get pretty dirty and smelly. Then take out the trash and move onto the last step. You’re almost finished!

9. Mop the floor

If you need to sweep or vacuum before you mop, go ahead and do that now. Then prepare your mop bucket and work your way from the inside of the kitchen outward. This is so you’re not walking over all your hard work, And it also gives you an endpoint.

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