Housekeeping services recommend keeping tools clean

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Housekeeping services share the best way to clean your cleaning supplies

House keeping services know the idea of cleaning your cleaning tools may seem a little redundant but it is a crucial part of keeping your home clean. Every part of the cleaning process will be more effective when your cleaning tools are kept in good condition. These suggestions will help your supplies last longer and prevent the spread of germs in your home. These tips are used often by housekeeping services.

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Always check to make sure your vacuum is not plugged in before you begin cleaning it. It is a good idea to do a light cleaning of your vacuum on a monthly basis. Cleaning your vacuum is simple. Take a damp cloth and a very mild detergent to remove dirt from the hoses and attachments as well as the casings. After use take a few minutes to vacuum off your attachments with the crevice tool. If your vacuum uses bags be sure to empty them before they get to full. A professional cleaning service can tell you the value of servicing your vacuum regularly.



If you have a dishwasher you can use it to sanitize your sponges. Place your sponges in the section used for silverware and set the dishwasher to sanitation mode. If you do not have a dishwasher you can let your sponges soak in a mixture of water and your preferred cleaning solution. When the sponge has finished soaking remove it and wring it out. Some suggest putting sponges in the microwave to eliminate bacteria but this can be a fire hazard so it is not recommended by housekeeping services.



The broom is a useful cleaning tool but it can be one of the biggest offenders in spreading dust and dirt in your home. Weekly take your broom outside and hit against the side of your home or the ground to remove any excess dust that may be stuck to it. Another option to remove dust is to quickly vacuum the bristles. To remove any residual stuck on dirt you can soak the broom in a solution composed of warm water and dish soap. Housekeeping service may do these tasks even more regularly.



Depending on the type of mop that you have there are different options of how to clean it. If it is a cotton mop head you can remove it and throw it in your washing machine. Cotton mop heads are preferred by cleaning services because they are easier to clean. If the mop head is the sponge variety you can remove it and soak it in a mixture of water and your preferred cleaning solution.