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on Dec 15, 2016

Cleaning services recommend these five helpful tips

It’s the time of year where house guests are sure to pay a visit. Along with your regular cleaning services here are a few simple steps that will help your friends and family feel comfortable and create a warm welcoming environment for your guests to enjoy.

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  1. Tidy up the Guest Bathroom –  Have our cleaning service’s do a deep clean of your bathroom. Removing any personal items will make space for your guests to store there own products. Leave out neatly folded towels. Make sure that the bathroom is fully stocked with toilet paper, towels and any toiletries your guests may need.
  2. Get your Spare Bedroom ready – Make sure and put freshly washed sheets on the bed. This task can be done by Green Frog Cleaning services. Make space in the closet or a drawer so they can unpack. It is always helpful to leave a copy of the wi-fi password out so they can connect their devices.
  3. If you do not have a guest bedroom create an alternative- A comfy bed goes a long way. If you do not have a spare room invest in a quality inflatable air mattress. Look for models with thicker padded tops. An automatic inflating feature is always appreciated as well. If you have an older air mattress without padding add a cushion or a mattress topper for extra comfort.
  4. Stock the Kitchen- You can ask your guests before they arrive what their favorite snacks and beverages are. Make a quick trip to the store and stock your kitchen with some of the things they mentioned. You may even want to leave some of the snacks out in easily accessible areas as some guests may not feel comfortable opening your cabinets
  5. Make a spare key – Provide your guest with their own set of keys so they can come and go as they please. This is especially helpful on days when your guests may have their own plans. They will feel more at home if they don’t have to ring the doorbell or think they are disturbing you every time they return.

This can be a busy time of year so if you need any assistance getting your home ready Green Frog Cleaning is here to help.

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