House Cleaners: Five Cleaning Myths

on Jan 31, 2017

House Cleaners Five Common Cleaning Myths

When it comes time to clean the home everyone has their own favorite tips and tricks, some are from house cleaners. Whether they have been passed down from family or picked up on Pinterst, there are a lot of different ideas of what works best. From the facts about vinegar to the truth about your washing machine, here are some of the most common cleaning myths house cleaners have heard.

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  1. Bleach is the only product you need in your cleaning arsenalMaid services will tell you that while bleach does have it’s place in handling germs unless it is absolutely necessary to disinfect a surface it is best not to use it. Not only can it do damage to certain types of stone but it can also be harmful on the body. Even if you do need to use a disinfectant certain types of bleach that are color safe or scented do not actually have the capability of disinfecting.
  2. You can use vinegar for everything– While vinegar can do a lot when it comes to cleaning it may not have quite as many functions as some house cleaners may think. Especially when it comes to cleaning up caked on dirt and grime, you’re better off with any number of different, eco-friendly cleaners. Speak with a home cleaning service to find out what types are effective
  3. Use furniture polish on wood surfaces every time you clean your home – Furniture polish can be beneficial, but it’s not necessary to use it every time you clean. When used to often , it can build up to create a film, which can be hard to remove. Try to use it at the most once a week or less. For times in between polishing you can use a clean microfiber towel to keep your furniture looking dust free and shiny.
  4. You don’t need to clean the inside of your washer– This is not exactly the truth. Germs from dirty clothes can linger in your washer between loads. Cleaning your washer on a weekly basis can help to reduce the spread of germs. Run the washing machine on hot with a little bit of bleach to get rid of unwanted germs. Avoiding leaving damp clothes in the washer for extended periods can also stop the spread of germs
  5. Throw your leftover lemons and coffee grounds down your garbage disposal for a fresh scent and cleaner kitchen – Lemons are harmless and they really do make your kitchen smell great but they do not actually clean the garbage disposal. House cleaners can use lemon to get a fresh scent. Coffee grounds are a different story. They can wreck havoc on your plumbing and cause damage if you have a septic system. They have even been listed as one of the 7 foods you should never put down the garbage disposal.
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