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Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean & Healthy During Quarantine

on Mar 16, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic on the rise, more and more people are turning to self-quarantine in order to help flatten the curve. That being said, more and more people are spending more time at home and it’s a challenge that most people weren’t ready to take on. 

Most of us, introverted or not, don’t spend every minute of every day inside of our houses. So it’s imperative that during this time, we learn how to keep it clean and keep ourselves healthy in order to survive. 

Today we’re sharing a few tips and tricks you can do during quarantine to keep your home clean and your mind healthy. 

Keeping your home clean during a quarantine 

Stock up on disinfectant

You can never be too safe. Especially during a time like this. To keep your home clean during quarantine, stock up on CDC approved household cleaners and disinfectant to keep the germs out of your house. 

Do laundry more often 

Since you’ll be spending more time in your house, take this time to do some extra laundry. Go ahead and clean those drapes you’ve been putting off. Or the pillowcases you never wash. This will help prevent the spread of germs throughout your house. 

Keep up with your cleaning routine

If you really want to be productive during a quarantine, keep up with your daily and or weekly cleaning routine. Don’t let the feeling of being inside for a while stop you from accomplishing your cleaning goals. Instead of thinking there’s time to do this later, get up and do it right now.

Keeping yourself healthy during quarantine

Stock up on medicine 

During this time, it’s not only important that you keep your home clean, but it’s also important that you keep yourself healthy. Stock up on all the medicine that you can just in case you start to feel a bit under the weather. This means all prescription meds as well as over the counter meds.

Practice mindfulness

Quarantine doesn’t have to mean craziness. Learn to practice mindfulness each and every day. Go outside if you can. Get some sunshine. Meditate or read a nice book. Use this time to get in touch with yourself and let this be a lesson instead of a burden.

Wash your hands

The best thing you can do for yourself and for those around you to try and stay healthy during the quarantine is to wash your hands. Though this is something that should be practiced daily, it should really be enforced in your daily routine right now. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds every time you enter your home, after going to the restroom, and before putting anything into your mouth.

For More information on how you can help stop the spread of COVID-19 during quarantine, visit the CDC website.

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