FSR is a position on our team.. It stands for “Field Support Representative”.

What role do they fill on our team? What do they do?

Field Support Representatives “Support the Field”. The “Field” all people and activities related to the cleaning of clients homes. So they support the clients and the technicians.

How do they offer support? What do they DO and NOT DO?

  • What they DO:
    • Book cleanings; add cleanings to the schedule.
    • Handle problems when clients call
    • Help techs find information; PMC processes, address, client info, policies.
    • Aid communication between client, tech, and Lead Trainer; positive and negative reviews, adding notes to jobber from techs/clients, schedule changes, attendance issues.
    • Offering positive words of encouragement
  • What they DON’T DO
    • Cleaning
    • Booking the next appointment in the home
    • Handling problems that arise in the home while cleaning
    • Offering suggestions on how to clean. (May refer techs to PMC book if possible)