Orientation Modules 3

For each Orientation Module, read the instructions, watch the videos, and follow directions from your Orientation Conductor. Feel free to take notes. Then take the orientation quiz to test your knowledge (ask for a link or visit greenfrogcleaning.com/team to find the quiz yourself).

Supplies Needed:

  • New Green Frog Technician Manual

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The Green Frog Proven Process
Every one of our Cleaning Technicians follows our Green Frog Proven Process. Over years of experience we have found the most efficient way to clean
everything in your home. Our goal is to WOW you with outstanding treatment and make your life easier.
Friendly Walkthrough
Friendly Walkthrough
  • Friendly Hello
  • 24+ priorities checklist
  • Plan your clean
Perfect Cleaning
Perfect Cleaning
  • Follow our GFC Training Methods
  • Use GF approved products
  • 57 Point Quality Control Checklist
Follow Up
Follow Up
  • Friendly Goodbye
  • Satisfaction Survey within 24 hours
  • 100% Guaranteed