We’ll add more to this page soon…

For now here is a reminder about priorities.

Priority 1) Responding to customer messages/calls promptly and effectively solving their problems.

Here are the messages/calls that need a response in order of urgency and importance. These are a team effort and will is everyone’s job. Keep zoom open and discuss how/who/when will handle each messages. If you see a need fill a need.

  • Answering phone calls. (Everyone does this. All FSR and Managers have their phones on to answer calls. Missed Calls” are not ok.
  • Answering text messages.
  • Answering chats
  • Answering new webform queries
  • Answering social media (including yelp) messages
  • Contacting new leads that aren’t covered above
  • Calling 2nd, 3rd, attempt leads

These tasks must also be done each day. These are not a team effort. Try to get them to schedule far in advance. You don’t want to call them every week. Book their next several appointments.

  • Call your Booked 1st Clients
  • Call your Booked 2nd Clients
  • Call your Booked 3rd Clients
  • Call your Maturing Clients

Also you may have some Admin tasks that need to be handled. These should come last but also must be done.


Transfer client from keap to cleanto (only if does not exist in cleanto yet)

Show me all the appointments where the addresses are wrong.

Manually update the final recurring appointment

Manually update the most recent appointment (last appointment)

Manually update info from one client in keap to cleanto

  • You just have to type in the keap id in the url after the “keap_id=”.

Show me all the jobs that have no tech assigned

Show me all dates with 1970

Show me all appointments with empty client-ID

Show me all the appointments with missing name or email address


How To Prep EOS Meeting

How to Solve Issues (problems)