San Diego Maid Services Fridge Cleaning 101

on Nov 10, 2015

San Diego maid services know the inside of the refrigerator might be one of the most overlooked areas in the home when it comes time for cleaning day. Either we just don’t think about it, don’t have time or assume that because we rotate food through and it stays cold that our fridges are decent, the truth is that cross-contamination, spills, splashes and germs can spread throughout the fridge in a combination of moisture, food, hands and frequent use. Without a thorough cleaning at least once per month, this seemingly harmless appliance could pose a major health hazard

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Start by gathering all your supplies. You’ll need, in no particular order, a few old towels, a bucket of hot soapy water or your favorite household cleaner, plenty of cleaning rags and a good scrub brush. Place one of your towels outside the door to catch and water or debris that come out of the refrigerator.

After setting up, professional cleaners start by removing the shelves starting with the top. Make sure to scrub each one clean, getting every little nook and cranny where bacteria could potentially be hiding. San Diego maid services recommend keeping all the shelves out until you are finished. When you get to the drawers its easiest to pull them out and scrub them out in the sink. Also make sure to remove the shelf that rests on top of them. Sometimes it requires a bit of elbow grease to remove.

Once the body of your refrigerator is empty spray down the inside with your favorite all purpose cleaner and let it work its magic for 2-3 minutes. You might still need to scrub a bit to get some of the more stuck on gunk. Then go ahead and wipe out the whole thing to reveal (hopefully) a gleaming white interior. Don’t forget to wipe out the shelves on the door.

Now start replacing all the dry shelves where they were. Of course, start with the drawers (they’re the trickiest to get back in) and work your way back up. Re-arrange anything that you need to. Most set ups are custom

Your fridge should now be completely clean and organized. You should also make sure to clean out the freezer and vacuum out the grates on the bottom of the appliance at least once every three months. San Diego maid services know taking care to clean and organize your fridge will keep it running more efficiently in the long run and will also help to keep your family healthy and safe!

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