San Diego House Cleaners top Summer Cleaning Tasks

on Jul 6, 2017

San Diego House Cleaners Summer Cleaning Tips and Tricks

San Diego house cleaners know Summer is officially upon us. The kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and the days are longer . Summer means beach days, vacations and plenty of barbecues with family and friends. The last thing you may want to do on one of those sunny San Diego days is clean your house. These helpful summer specific cleaning tricks from San Diego home cleaners will help keep your house maintained even during the warmest of months.

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  • Keep the sand at bay– San Diego house cleaners know that summer means the beach and one of the greatest enemies to a clean home or car is sand. It seems to get everywhere and once you have brought it home with you it seems to want to stay forever. When leaving the beach, make sure to rinse off thoroughly. When you get home take a few minutes in the driveway to shake out any towels and rinse off any coolers that will be brought inside. Remove sandals outside and rinse them off with a hose to avoid tracking in sand.
  • Make sure outdoor furniture is party ready– Grime can build up very quickly on patio furniture. Take a few minutes each week to power wash any outdoor furniture. You can purchase special attachments for your hose at most hardware stores for a relatively low price. If you do not have access to a power washer you can do a quick wipe down on your furniture with a damp rag to remove any dust or cobwebs.
  • Clean your washing machine– Because of the heat and humidity in the summer months mold and mildew spread quicker. Run your washer empty once a month with a cap full of detergent to keep mildew from forming. This will help prevent allergens in the home and keep your clothes smelling fresh.
  • Freshen up your window treatments – Summer is the perfect season to give your drapes a little time outside to air out. Shake off any excess dust and then leave them out for a few hours to air out any stale odors that may have accumulated during the cooler months. If you do not have an outside area to put them you can throw them in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes to remove any dust. If you would prefer not to do this it may be a task for a professional cleaning service

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