How to Organize Your Junk Drawer

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Some people call it a multi-purpose drawer while some use it to throw a bunch of pens and pencils in. But no matter what you call it, what you have is a junk drawer. And these areas of your home can get pretty unorganized pretty fast. So today we’ll be showing you how to organize your junk drawer and how to keep it that way.

How to organize your junk drawer

1. Empty out your junk drawer

The first thing you need to do in order to organize your junk drawer is to empty it out completely. Pull the drawer out and dump everything on the counter. Then you can go ahead and wipe out the drawer using a disinfecting wipe before moving on to the next step.

2. Throw out anything you no longer use

Once you’ve emptied your junk drawer you can begin to sort through your belonging. Throwing out anything you don’t need or no use is the key to getting and staying organized in any area of your home, but it is especially crucial in a junk drawer. 

3. Arrange items into sections

Now take some time to arrange the items into piles. Not inside the drawer but on the counter. If you arrange them in piles inside the drawer they will eventually come together to create the same mess that you started with. 

What you’ll want to do is buy some drawer organizers to help you separate your items and keep them organized in the long run. With the drawer divided you’ll be able to appropriately contain your items without having to sift through the natural mess of a ‘junk drawer’.

4. Repeat once a month

We know that there may be times when you grab something out of your junk drawer and then throw it back in there later without putting it in its designated container. So in order to maintain a clean and organized junk drawer be sure to go through it once a month to ensure that it’s clean and everything has a home.

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