How to Clean the Garbage Disposal Using These DIY Cleaning Bombs

on Apr 24, 2018

It’s no secret that the sink can be a dirty and smelly place if it’s not cleaned properly. Sinks are a huge feeding ground for bacteria. It’s easy to clean the sink, but how on earth do you get to that smelly garbage disposal?

Cleaning The Garbage Disposal

Cleaning the garbage disposal can often be a bit of a challenge. You should never stick your hand in one and it can be difficult to reach a brush down there. Luckily, we now have the internet which is full of innovative ideas that provide us with easy ways to complete our household chores.

How to Make Garbage Disposal Bombs

Making garbage disposal bombs is fun, easy, and they’re super convenient to use.

What you’ll need:

How to make them:

  • Start by slowing mixing together your baking soda and Citric acid. Make sure you’re doing this at a consistent pace until the ingredients are mixed together thoroughly.
  • Once the mixture is done you can add your essential oils or fresh fruit juice. If you’re using essential oils add 20 drops of each oil (lemon and orange). If you’re using fresh fruit you’ll want about 10 drops of each. 
  • Now taking your spray bottle filled with water, spray the mixture several times. When the mixture turns to a light paste that you’re able to mold you can stop adding water. Make sure the mixture holds its shape before proceeding to the next step 
  • Fill the silicone mold with your mixture and let it sit overnight. Once they’re done you can remove them from the mold and pop them into a storage container for easy access. 

How to use them:

Now onto the fun part – using your new cleaning bombs! Start by running a stream of cold water down the disposal and add two bombs to it. The cold water helps break down the ingredients in the bomb so that it can do its job. After about a minute you can turn on the garbage disposal and just like that you’re done!


Cleaning the garbage disposal doesn’t have to be hard. With these DIY cleaning bombs, your garbage disposal will be cleaned and smell-free in no time! But always remember never to put anything down there – you wouldn’t want to take an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

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