How a Clean Space Can Affect Your Mental Health

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A clean space is something that entices all. But sometimes cleaning can be a daunting task. Whether it’s your home or your office, unkempt spaces can really affect your mental health, so today we’re sharing a few reasons that might make you think twice about leaving the dishes in the sink (again).

How a Clean Space Can Affect Your Mental Health

A cluttered environment or space can affect your mental health negatively. Meanwhile, a decluttered environment or a clean space can only affect your mental health positively. Making you feel like you have a deeper sense of control over your environment. 

Below are a few ways a clean space can affect your mental health.  

A clean smell can lift your mood. Studies show that a nice smell can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. But more than that, certain scents can have a helpful impact on your mind and body. For example, the soothing effect of lavender may help you enjoy your environment, light up your mood, and would be a perfect scent for spaces at homes.

A clean space can reduce stress and depression. Coming home into a messy room can make you feel depressed. It can also prevent the body’s normal decline in cortisol (stress hormone) throughout the day. People whose spaces were untidy or had unfinished projects had been likely to feel depressed and worn out. However, a clean space can help prevent these feelings and allow you to feel your best.

A Clean space can help with your diet. A clean space can help you make healthier food choices. This is due to clutter causing severe stress on the brain. And a lot of the times when people are stressed, they turn to food…junk food. So if you notice any recent changes in your diet, look around you. Is your home clean?

Decluttering can improve your focus. If you struggle to focus on office work or schoolwork, take a look at your work environment. Are you cluttering your visual cortex with objects not related to the task at hand? Piles of paperwork, your cereal bowl from breakfast, unopened letters, an overflowing bin, all these task-irrelevant objects could be making it more difficult for you to focus on what needs to be done.

Clean environments can ensure a good night’s rest. If you’ve noticed a decline in your sleep routine, take inventory of your environment. Research shows that a clean space can affect your mental health by leading to better sleep patterns and allow you to fall asleep easier. 

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