Green Frog’s Garage Cleaning Tips

on Jun 2, 2020

Looking for something to do while you’re stuck in the house during lockdown? Consider cleaning out your garage. Below is a step-by-step plan on how to clean out your garage the right way.

Depending on how messy your garage is, you might want to start off by blocking out 2-4 days to really accomplish everything you want to inside the space. Check the weather channel and make sure you have a good 4 day stretch of nice weather to get started.

How to clean out your garage

Get the tunes going. Every good cleaning has to have its tunes. Get a playlist going of your favorite songs to help get you motivated and accomplish your goals.

Divide and conquer. This is one of our favorite organizing methods because let’s face it, it really does work. Garages can be very messy. And oftentimes, this can cause people to become overwhelmed and not know where to start. If this is your situation, start by working on one area of the garage at a time. 

Empty the garage. If you’re having a tough time diving your garage into small sections to clean, consider emptying it. Bring everything into the driveway that way you can tackle areas as you put things away.

Clean. There are two ways you can go about cleaning out your garage depending on how you’ve chosen to tackle the mess. You can clean as you go while you divide and conquer, or you can clean once you have removed everything from the area. Go through and dust everything down and sweep the floor. If you have to consider giving it a nice power wash while you’re at it. 

Fix things that are broken. Since everything is going to essentially be restored in your garage you’ll want to make sure that you’re fixing anything that’s broken or needs attention. This way when you need to use it in your freshly cleaned garage, it’s ready.

Organization. Once you’ve removed everything from your garage and cleaned it out you can begin to organize things in the way in which you will use them. Put the things you will use most often front and center and store the things you will use the least out of reach.

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