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Cleaning With a Toddler in The House

on Aug 30, 2018

Are you having trouble cleaning with a toddler in your home? It happens to the best of us parents. We totally get it. And that’s why we’re sharing our favorite tips and tricks on how to clean with a toddler.

Having children means that having a clean house can be more challenging. But what it doesn’t mean is that you can neglect to clean it and leave it unattended to for years. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you can neglect to clean your house. Having a clean house is important.

So if you have toddlers in your home here are some tips to help you keep it nice and tidy:

Downsize & declutter

One way to keep your house clean while having a toddler is to downsize and declutter. This means eliminating any unnecessary knick-knacks and toys and making sure that everything has a home. When you have a toddler you know how easily things can become a mess.

If you want to keep that from happening the first thing to do is to get rid of the things you don’t need. This will free up some space around your house and prevent your toddler from getting into anything they shouldn’t. 

Learn to redefine the word tidy

When cleaning with a toddler you need to learn how to redefine the word tidy. Children tend to bring a whole new meaning to the word cleanliness. This is first and foremost for mothers.

It may mean that now throughout the day there will be times when the house is in full play mode. It may mean that your house isn’t always ready for company. Or it may just mean that the place we last put something is not the place it’s going to stay.

For every mother, tidy is going to mean something different. Now you have to figure out what it means to you. And accept it.

Work with your toddler

The easiest way to keep your house clean and tidy with a toddler is to work with your child instead of working against them. Working against them will only make the mess worse. There are a few ways you can do this.

Consider creating a playroom for them to make a complete mess of. Or let them throw their toys around as long as they want and then pick them up together when playtime is over.


Cleaning with a toddler in the house can be quiet the challenge. But even while it can be difficult, it can also be doable. You just have to prioritize life as a parent and get on board with cleaning with a toddler in the home.

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