Cleaning Companies Help Organize Your Pantry

on May 4, 2017

Cleaning Companies Give Five Simple Steps for the Perfect Pantry

Cleaning companies are very aware that an organized pantry can be life changing. This may sound silly but the pantry may be a bigger part of your life than you think. Keeping your pantry organized can help not only when cooking but also with things like meal planning and grocery shopping. Needless to say it will save you time and money in the long run.

Cleaning Companies
  1. Ask cleaning companies to help remove anything you no longer need- Go through your pantry and remove any expired items. This is also a good time to get rid of any foods that you purchased that you don’t think you will end up eating. To avoid waste you can even donate unopened items to charity.
  2. Organize the remaining items- The best way to sort things in the pantry is by type rather than by size. Some recommended categories are: canned goods, snack foods, spices, and grains. In the end the goal is to make sure the items are organized in a logical way that is easily accessible. This will help when it is time to do a quick inventory before you go grocery shopping.
  3. Utilize clear containers- this step is especially important with items that have a long shelf life. Keeping items clearly labeled in clear containers will give you a better idea of what you currently have, which will keep you from buying things that you do not need. It will also keep food fresh longer, helping you to finish food before it goes stale.
  4. Keep a Snack basket- Putting things like granola bars and fruit snacks in a small basket will help free up space as it will enable you to get rid of all those pesky boxes. This will help your kids see what snacks are available as they are easily on hand. It will also help you to see when supplies are running low and it is time to restock
  5. Make a commitment- Now that your pantry is nice and clean it is time to keep it that way. Taking just 5 to 10 minutes a week to clean out any expired items will help prevent the clutter from accumulating. You can ask cleaning companies to do a quick wipe down. You can do this as part of your weekly meal-planning routine. Take a few minutes to do a quick inventory and see if you need to refill on any of your staple items.

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