An Easy Way to Clean Your Shower Curtain

on Jul 22, 2018

Are you looking for an easy way to clean your shower curtain in your bathroom? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to show you the easiest way to clean your shower curtain that will help save you some time and money.

How to clean your shower curtain

Start by removing your shower curtain from the rod, along with the liner and the rings. We’ll get to those a little bit later in the article. Once you’ve taken down the curtain, place it inside of a mesh laundry bag before tossing it into the washing machine. If you don’t have a mesh laundry bag be sure to add a few towels in with the shower curtain to help prevent any damage. 

Now add a cup (as instructed on the detergent label) of mild detergent, 1 cup of white vinegar, and a tablespoon of vinegar and wash with warm water. While that’s in the wash we can move onto the next steps. 

How to clean your shower curtain liner

If you have a shower curtain liner, you’ll want to take that down and clean it too. Shower liners can get pretty dirty. So take your liner and put it inside another mesh laundry bag (just like you did with the shower curtain) and add it to your washing machine using a mild detergent and 1 cup of vinegar. You can also clean the liner using a microfiber rag, warm water, and a cup of white vinegar alone.

How to clean your shower curtain rings

While you’re waiting on the shower curtain to finish washing you can start working on the rings that hold the curtain on the rod. It’s important to clean these because just like your shower curtain they can get covered in mold, soap scum, and limescale. 

Fill the bathroom sink with hot water and 1 cup of white vinegar, then let the rings soak for about 30 minutes. After about 30 minutes or so you can empty the water out of the sink. You should be able to easily wipe off any dirt, soap scum, or mold from the rings using a microfiber rag.

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