3 Reasons Not to Wear Your Shoes in the House

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“Take your shoes off, please!” We’ve all heard it a time or two. Maybe it even comes directly from you. But if you’ve ever wondered why people ask you to take off your shoes when you enter their home, consider the following reasons why you shouldn’t wear your shoes in the house.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Your Shoes in the House

1. Bacteria & Germs

The first reason you shouldn’t wear your shoes in the house is simple, bacteria and germs. Research shows that there could be as many as 450,000 different types of bacteria and germs living on the bottom of your shoe. Yuck! 

Though we can’t avoid bacteria and germs, and some of them are even necessary for our immune systems, there are certain types of bacteria we should help stop the spread of. And a lot of them live on your shoes. So if you’re trying to keep a clean home, consider leaving your shoes at the door.

2. Unwanted Dirt & Debris

Along with unwanted bacteria, visible dirt and debris are another reason not to wear shoes in the house. Ever heard the term “mudroom”? If not, it’s a room where you leave your muddy shoes so that you don’t track mud through your house. No one wants to clean up a mud stain on the carpet. 

3. Damage 

Reason number three is damage. This can go hand in hand with reason number two. Wearing your shoes in the house can cause stains on the floor, which in return can cause the floor to become damaged. The same is also true for furniture if someone has their feet on your nice leather couch, or chair, etc. etc. 

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