3 Proven Ways to Help You Save Time Doing Laundry

Posted by on Jul 12, 2018 | No Comments

Laundry day is a day that most people dread. That’s because they’re not armed with the right tricks to help them speed through it. But don’t worry, if you follow these three easy steps you’ll be on your way to relaxing instead of doing laundry in no time. 

Use separate laundry baskets 

One proven way to reduce the time it takes you to do your laundry is to use separate laundry bins for each person in your house. Sort the laundry in each basket by colors, material, and more. This will prevent you from having to sort through your laundry later on. 

Pre-treat all stains

If you spill coffee on your favorite blouse you don’t want to let the stain set a while before you decide to clean it. Instead, you want to use a pre-treating technique to remove it properly. 

Make sure you have a good detergent

Having a good laundry detergent makes a world difference in the laundry process. Cheap detergents don’t do half the work a bottle of tide will do for you.

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