3 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Multi-Surface Cleaner

on Oct 14, 2019

Choosing a safe cleaning solution for your home can be a tough decision. Your home is your haven. So you want to make sure that the chemical you clean with is the safest option for your family, pets, and even the surfaces throughout your home.

Here are three factors you should consider when choosing a multi-surface cleaner for your home:

  1. Ingredients 

The number one factor you should take into consideration when choosing a multi-surface cleaner for your home is the ingredients in the solution. The product you choose should be safe and effective. Look at each label and consider products without harsh chemicals. Products that won’t cause respiratory issues, chemical burns, and allergies. We recommend using a safe all-natural cleaning solution like Mrs. Meyers, that won’t bring harmful toxins into your home but will still get the job done. 

When considering ingredients it’s important to note that manufacturers are allowed to incorporate a wide variety of chemicals into their cleaning solutions.  Because of this, they are not required to go into detail about each ingredient in their labeling. This is just another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best products for your home.

  1. Acidity/Alkalinity 

When choosing a good multi-surface cleaner, another thing to keep in mind is the acidity of the solution. Cleaners are considered all-purpose or in this case multi-surface when they fall between 0-14 on the ph scale. This is important to know because cleaners that fall outside of the 6-8 ph range can cause a variety of skin irritations including burns, cuts, and even internal respiratory issues. 

  1. Cost

The third factor you should consider when choosing a multi-surface cleaner for your home is cost. What we mean by this is that solutions cost differently and some work better than others. You may have one product that’s powder and one product that’s liquid and one costs more than the other. You really want to take the time to figure out which product is going to work best for and which is the most cost-effective.


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